New Quran writer Rizvi accused of rape

In another update from Uttar Pradesh, Waseem Rizvi, Shia Central Waqf Board Member, and former Chairman has been accused of rape. The victim is his driver’s wife.

Uttar Pradesh Shia Central Waqf Board member and former chairman, Waseem Rizvi, has been accused of rape by his driver’s wife.

The woman, who went to Saadatganj police station with several lawyers on Tuesday, has demanded action against Waseem Rizvi.

The woman has accused Rizvi of blackmailing her through obscene videos and photos.

The police said they are investigating on the basis of the complaint given by the woman.

The woman told reporters that Waseem Rizvi used to sexually assault by sending her driver husband out on the pretext of some work or the other.

When the woman protested, Rizvi used to threaten to make her obscene videos and photos viral.

The woman said that when she could not bear it, she narrated the ordeal to her husband. When the woman’s husband tried to talk to Waseem Rizvi, he was also beaten up.

Meanwhile, Waseem Rizvi said that his driver was conniving with his rivals and was passing on his information to them. Rizvi, has recently printed and self-published the first compilation of what he has calls ‘The Real Quran’.

Shia clerics in Lucknow have been up in arms against Rizvi ever since demanding FIR against Shia Waqf Board member Waseem Rizvi for hurting religious sentiments of Muslims.

“In view of this and also my safety, I had fired the driver a few days ago. The house that I gave him was also vacated. Now he is tried to malign my image by making such baseless allegations,” he said,

Saadatganj police station in-charge, meanwhile, said that further action will be taken after registering a case once preliminary investigations arer over.-IANS

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