Odisha: Hotel owner beats up customer in broad daylight for paying Rs 5 less

A hotel owner and his son allegedly beat a customer for Rs 5 in Odisha's Keonjhar district. A video of the entire incident has gone viral.

In Odisha’s Keonjhar district, a hotel owner and his son allegedly beat a customer for paying Rs 5 less than the amount demanded for a meal. The police have arrested the owner, identified as Madhu Sahu, after a video of the entire incident went viral.

Allegedly, Sahu demanded Rs 45 from Jitendra Dehuri after he had a meal at his ‘Ma Hotel’. However, Dehuri only had Rs 40 with him and told the hotel owner that he would pay Rs 5 later. But the owner refused to accept that and started shouting at him. The situation soon turned violent as Sahu and his minor son allegedly hit Dehuri for failing to pay the money.

Speaking to the media, Dehuri said, “I had gone to the hotel to have food. The owner of the hotel demanded Rs 45 for food. I asked him how did one plate of rice, pulses and vegetables cost Rs 45? The hotel owner then started arguing with me. After which I said that I have only Rs 40 and will give the remaining money next time. The hotel owner did not listen to me and started beating me mercilessly on the road with his son.

Dehuri said that he had lodged a complaint at the Ghasipur police station.

In a special conversation with this Aaj Tak correspondent, the Superintendent of Police (SP) of Kendujhar district, Mitrabhanu Mohapatra, told that the police had arrested Madhu Sahu and booked him under the SC/ST Act. However, since Sahu’s son was a minor, no action had been taken against him.

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