‘People Lose Sleep’: BJP’s Pragya Thakur Objects to Early Morning Azan, Says it Affects Patients, Puja

Bhopal Madhya MLA Arif Masood urged Pragya Thakur to keep in mind her 'dignity as an MP'. He said the voice of one religion never hurts another.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Member of Parliament from Bhopal Pragya Thakur has objected early morning azan saying it affects sadhana and puja of seers, patients and others.

“Starting from 4 am onwards, loud voices are heard and this keeps continuing making people lose sleep, patients suffering and sadhu-sant also mostly start their dhyan and sadhna from 4 am in Brahma muhurt,” Thakur said at a function on Tuesday evening.

“Mostly our aarti starts at 4 am in Brahma muhurt but people keep sending their noise to us without any care,” added the BJP lawmaker. “They object when our community puts up loudspeakers for our prayers. They claim their faith does not allow them,” she said.

Bhopal Madhya MLA Arif Masood reacting to the remarks from the Bhopal MP urged her to keep in mind her dignity as an MP citing PM Narendra Modi’s remarks that he represents 130 crore Indians. He pointed out that the voice of one religion never hurts another.

Masood added that Thakur being a saint herself knows that people remember the almighty according to their own beliefs and manner. “We don’t have problems from anyone,” added Masood.

“How come small things bother her during her sadhana, we never allow such things to hamper ours,” added the MLA urging Thakur to refrain from such talks.

She represents Bhopal in the Lok Sabha and she should respect every religion, he said.

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