PLA made camps near Sikkim.

After India's stand in Ladakh, China was forced to retreat, but its actions are still not improving.

Now according to the latest reports, China’s activity is increasing near the Nakula border in Sikkim. India Today, quoting the satellite image in its report, claimed that Chinese forces have built roads and new posts in the region.
Following the confrontation in the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh, now the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) activities have increased in Nakula. Doklam and Nakula have been flashpoints where Indian and Chinese soldiers came face to face after the deadlock in recent times. India and China came face-to-face in 2017 at the Doklam plateau, which exists as a trilogy between India-Bhutan and China. China has started construction by increasing its activity in this region which is strategically important for India, which India has opposed. Earlier in January, there was a minor skirmish between two soldiers near Nakula in January.

According to the India Today news, the increased activity at the Chinese post across the Nakula border has been clearly visible in the satellite image. The report cites a study of high-resolution photographs taken by synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) in the morning of March 12. These photos of space company Capella Space’s satellite confirm the presence of PLA’s military vehicles, new camps and additional structures.

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