PM Modi Addressed the Nation over Covid 19 situation in the Country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Tuesday amid the fast growing cases of Corona in the country.

Corona patients are constantly receiving reports of lack of oxygen. On this, PM Modi said that measures are being taken at many levels to increase oxygen production and supply. He said, “our effort is to bring oxygen to every needy person.”
The Prime Minister said, “the country is fighting a big battle against Corona again today. Conditions had been strengthened till a few weeks ago and then it became the second wave of Corona. He said, this time the demand for oxygen has increased in many parts of the country in the Corona crisis. This subject is being worked on rapidly and with full sensitivity. Central government, state governments, private sector, all are trying their best to provide oxygen to every needy. Measures are also being taken at several levels to increase oxygen production and supply. There are new oxygen plants in the states, one lakh new cylinders to be delivered, oxygen used in industrial units, medical use, oxygen rail, every effort is being made.”

PM Modi said, “I request my young colleagues to help in making Covid discipline by making small committees in their society, in mohalla, in apartments. If we do this then governments will not need to create a containment zone, neither curfew nor lockdown. I want to say one thing specifically to my child friends. My child friend, create such an atmosphere at home that people without work, without reason, do not leave the house. Your stubbornness can bring huge results.”

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