PM Modi attacked Congress and DMK at an election campaign in Tamil Nadu.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is campaigning today in the South Indian states,Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Voting is scheduled to take place on April 6 in these regions. During campaign PM Modi addressed the election rally in Dharapuram, Tamil Nadu. PM Modi said, “India is very proud of the culture of Tamil Nadu. The happiest moment of my life was when I got a chance to say a few words at the United Nations in Tamil, the oldest language in the world.” PM Modi said that on one side the NDA has an agenda of development and on the other side Congress and DMK have an agenda of dynasty. There is nothing positive to give people in the speech of their leaders, they hardly talk about their vision and work.

PM Modi also said that these days Congress and DMK have launched their useless 2-G missile. One target of this 2-G missile is women from Tamil Nadu. A few days ago this missile was launched by the UPA to attack the Nari Shakti of Tamil Nadu.
The PM said, “I want to tell Congress and DMK from here today that please keep the leaders of your party under control. I want to tell the Congress and the DMK that the people of Tamil Nadu are watching everything, they will never tolerate the humiliation of the state.”

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