Pointman who saved a child from a high speed train honoured for bravery.

Pointman Mayur Shelkhe, who suddenly saved child from the track in front of a high speed train, was honoured at the Central Railway Office .

The staff of the Central Railway Office praised Pointsman Mayur Shelkhe by clapping. On 17th April, while walking on the platform of Mumbai’s Vanjani railway station, a child suddenly fell on the trek, losing his balance and Mayur saved the child’s life. The top officials of the railways praised Shelkhe and respected him.
This is the incident of platform 2 of the Wagni railway station of Mumbai division of Indian Railways. A passenger with his two children was waiting for the train to arrive on the platform. In which one child was small who was in the lap of that passenger and the other child who would have been around three years was holding the hand of the father. As the train was about to arrive on the platform, the passenger came to the edge of the platform with both his children and suddenly the child’s balance deteriorated and he fell on the tracks of the train. The father had a second child in his hand, so he could not lift his child on the track even after wishing and the train was coming at a high speed.

Pointman Mayur Shelkhe, standing far away on the platform, saw this as he raced without jumping his life and jumped on the track and saved the child’s life at the last moment. The video of this noble work of Mayur Shelkhe is getting viral on social media. In the incident that took place on the platform with CCTV camera, it was clear that Mayur saved the child’s life by putting his life for which he was honoured by the Railway Department and people are praising this noble work of Mayur.

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