Rahul Gandhi accused PM Modi helping selected industrialists

Congress leader and Lok Sabha MP from Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi has once again accused the Modi government of the Center of helping selected industrialists.

Addressing a public meeting in Erode,Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the Modi government, saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is protecting some of his 4-5 selected friends. If Modi had helped farmers, laborers and workers instead of hollowing out the country by helping his industrialist friends, China would not have dared to take our land.

Rahul Gandhi said that China has understood that India’s economy is on its knees. It has seen that every step of the Indian government has been taken to help select 5-6 industrialists and the real strength of India has been weakened. The Government of India has taken steps to weaken the workers and weavers of India.

He said that he can guarantee all that if the workers, laborers and weavers of India had been empowered and helped, China would not have dared to come within the limits of India.

Rahul Gandhi said, “If the farmers of India, small industrialists, small businesses were strong, then the President of China would be wearing a shirt made by India. People of China would have been flying on the Indian plane, there would have been carpets in Indian homes, but this is not happening because the Indian government is helping 5-6 people, killing the real power of India.

Government of India is using Indian Army, Airforce, Navy to protect India from China. But if the Indian government had helped and empowered the farmers, laborers and workers, then China would not have dared to come within the limits of India.”

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