Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi government over CAA

Former Congress president and MP Rahul Gandhi launched the party's election campaign for the assembly elections in Assam on Sunday.

During this Rahul Gandhi attacked the Narendra Modi government on the issue of immigration.
Rahul Gandhi said, “Whatever happens, the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) will never happen, let us hear we two our two-run government, CAA will never apply.”
Rahul Gandhi said, “illegal immigration is an issue, but the people of Assam have so much capacity to solve the issue. But Assam is the flower of the bouquet of India, the purpose of loss to Assam is the loss of the whole country.”

Rahul Gandhi taunted and said, ‘ We two, our two and all let die, who are running Assam.”
Targeting the government, Rahul Gandhi said, “go to Assam, set fire, and loot whatever is in Assam. Those who will try to spread hatred here, the people of Assam and Congress together will teach them a lesson. ”

Rahul Gandhi said in the rally, “we have worn this pot, it is written CAA, we have put a cross on it, meaning whatever happens, there will be no CAA.”

Rahul Gandhi also said, “The biggest issue of Assam is employment. The youth of Assam knows that they will not get a job in the BJP government. Narendra Modi has brought three agricultural laws to end farming. If the Congress comes to power, the hatred they are spreading will end.

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