Raza Academy calls for Mumbai Bandh over anti-Muslim violence in Tripura

The organisation said that “insulting” remarks were made against Prophet Muhammad during a rally led by VHP in Tripura.

Islamic organisation Raza Academy has called for a shutdown strike in Mumbai on Friday (12 November) in connection with “insulting” remarks made against Prophet Muhammad during a rally led by Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), “desecration” of holy Quran and attacks on mosques as well as properties belonging to Muslims in Tripura.

The organisation has issued an appeal to mosque imams and Islamic scholars, in which it has asked them to urge “lovers of the prophet” to keep their businesses shut “voluntarily” on Friday.

Earlier, the Raza Academy has sought action against “goons” involved in violence against Muslims in Tripura. On Monday, it had written to President Ram Nath Kovind seeking imposition of President’s rule in the state over the same.

The state police have taken no action against Hindutva groups involved in the attacks. On the contrary, They have booked and arrested clerics as well activists who spoke in favour of the victims.

Police in the state’s Panisagar town has arrested four Muslims clerics associated with Delhi-based Islamic organisation Tahreek-e-Faroq-e-Islam. They arrested them after they met the victims on Wednesday.

The state police have also booked two lawyers – Mukesh Kumar and Ansar Indori – who were part of a fact-finding team that recently visited the state.

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