Saudi Arabia Intercepts ballistic missiles attack on Riyadh.

The unrest in the Gulf countries is on fire again. For the last few years, an atmosphere of peace was beginning to prevail in the Gulf countries, but again the missile blasts and bombs have started fire.

Saudi Arabia has claimed that its capital Riyadh has been attacked with a ballistic missile, although it destroyed the missile midway, but local media say the missile attack has damaged Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has said that an attempt was made to rock the capital Riyadh late in the night with a ballistic missile, but it had already intercepted the missile and destroyed it. The Saudi Arabian Coalition military said in its official statement that the attack by the ballistic missile was carried out by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. In a statement, Brigadier General Turkey Al Malki, a spokesman for the Saudi Arabian Alliance, said, ”the Houthi rebels attacked Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh with ballistic missiles, while three drone strikes also targeted the Saudi Arabian city of Jijan. The fourth attack was carried out by targeting the Southwestern city of Khamish Muscat in Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia has not been harmed in these attacks.”

Although the Saudi Arabian Coalition Army is denying any damage, the Saudi Arabia local media report claimed that some homes were damaged in the missile attack. However, Saudi Arabia has blamed the Houthi rebels for the attack, but so far there has been no response from the Houthi rebels regarding the attack.

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