SC reprimand Goa government over appointing government official as state election commissioner .

Municipality elections to be held in the coastal state of Goa.

On which the Goa government appointed one of its officers as the State Election Commissioner, under whose supervision these elections were to be conducted, but the matter had recently reached the Supreme Court. On which the court reprimanded the Goa government. It was also clarified that it is necessary to have an independent person in a big post like State Election Commissioner, so that fair elections can be conducted.

Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman of the Supreme Court in the case said that the Government of Goa has appointed its Law Secretary as the State Election Commissioner. The independence of the Election Commission cannot be compromised in any democracy. Assigning additional charge of State Election Commissioner to a government official in power is like mocking the constitution. Also, the officer did not follow the Goa High Court’s election decision. After reprimand, the Supreme Court has given the verdict to conduct the election before April 30.

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