Search engine Google’s ‘Google Play Music’ service will be completely shut down from February 24.

Google to shutdown it's Google Play music service from 24th February. Search engine Google is sending an alert message to the users in which it is written that users take a backup of the data related to google play music app.

Google has released the deadline date, saying that on February 24, the company will delete all the data related of the users related to this app. Although Google discontinued its Google Play music service in December last year, it still allows users to keep files in Cloud Locker.

The company has told the users that the data of Google Play Music such as purchases, playlists, stations, albums / songs that are stored in your library will be deleted by the end of this month. The company has requested users to transfer their files to the YouTube music platform.

In the mail sent by Google, the company has requested the users to transfer their data to YouTube Music by February 24. The company has said, “after 24th February you will not be able to recover your data.” Google has also said that users can also use ‘Google Takeout’ to protect their data. The company further said that users can transfer their data with just one click.

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