Taliban leader Anas Haqqani visits Mahmud Ghaznavi’s tomb, says the destroyer of idol of Somnath ‘inspires us’

Anas Haqqani took to Twitter and shared the photographs of his visit to the grave of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi.

Kabul: Taliban leader Anas Haqqani, on Wednesday, visited the grave of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi and glorified the 10th-century invader by saying that he was a ‘renowned Muslim warrior’, who ‘smashed the idol of Somnath’. The younger brother of Taliban’s new Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani, Anas also posted photographs of his visit to the tomb on social media.

“Today, we visited the shrine of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, a renowned Muslim warrior & Mujahid of the 10th century. Ghaznavi (May the mercy of Allah be upon him) established a strong Muslim rule in the region from Ghazni & smashed the idol of Somnath,” he wrote.

In a series of tweets, Haqqani said that the ‘tombs of these celebrities inspire us with freedom, zeal and heroism’.

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