Telangana High Court gives verdict on Kalyananagar society lands after 50 years

High Court orders to pay compensation to the victims.

The High Court has delivered a landmark judgment on the land issue of the Kalyanagar Co-operative Housing Society in Yusufguda. The High Court has directed the state government to pay compensation to the victims in this case. Moreover, the High Court also said, then MLA P. Janardhan Reddy encouraged the occupation of lands. As the illegal structures are not being demolished due to political pressure, the government’s current financial burden is expected to exceed Rs 2,000 crore.

Some middle-class families formed the Kalyannagar Society and the lands bought for houses were occupied. The controversy has been going on for almost 43 years. In 1997, the victims approached the High Court. The High Court has put an end to this long-running dispute for 24 years. The bench of Justice MS Ramachandra Rao and Justice T Vinod Kumar said that the authorities did not remove the encroachments on the 38 acres in Yousufguda belonging to the Kalyanagar Co-operative Housing Society due to political pressure. It is alleged that the land was taken under the Slum Development Act and the land acquisition notifications are invalid and there are now houses with permanent structures.

As it is impossible to vacate them, the tribunal ordered compensation to be paid under the 2013 Land Acquisition Act. Another Rs 2 lakh is to be paid to the Society under expenses. The tribunal recently delivered its final verdict on a total of nine petitions filed by the society and others too. Although the court has repeatedly said it will give alternative lands, it has expressed impatience that the government has delayed for two decades. Without giving compensation. The court also said that the authorities have failed to protect the rights of the people under the pressure of the MLA who did not show any alternative. The aim of bringing The Anti-Land Invasion Act has not been achieved. It could have been evacuated in 1989 with the help of the police, but now the army is needed.

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