Telangana to deliver Covid Vaccine by drone .

The third phase of the vaccination campaign is also going on in the country in the midst of the Corona crisis.

Vaccine is being produced rapidly in many states of the country amidst acute shortage of vaccine. Apart from this, efforts are being made to get the vaccine delivered to the vaccination center as soon as possible. For this, a very good initiative has been approved in Telangana. In Telangana, drones will now be used for vaccine delivery. The Ministry of Civil Aviation and DGCA have also received conditional approval for this work.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has clarified in its statement that the vaccine will be delivered to the vaccination center experimentally by drone. The Ministry had informed in this regard that it has given conditional exemption to the Government of Telangana in Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Rules-2121. Under this exemption, drones will be used to deliver vaccines experimentally within the visibility range. The ministry has further stated in its order that this exemption has been given to the state government only for the next one year or till the next order.

After this approval, now the Telangana government will start the delivery of vaccine by drone from the last month of May. However, no date has been set in this regard. The government hopes that if the trial is successful, the pace of delivery of vaccines through drones can be greatly accelerated.

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