Telangana: Woman Gets Husband Of 9 Years ‘Abducted’ So She Could Be With Boyfriend, Police Say

Sheikh Wajid and Apshia Begum of RTC Colony in Hyderabad's Moula Ali were married in 2012 and have two children

Hyderabad: A woman in Hyderabad’s Moula Ali area allegedly got her husband abducted so she could live with the man she was having an affair with, police said Wednesday.


A case was registered after the police rescued the man, Sheikh Wajid (31), who works as a salesman in a footwear store, on the basis of his phone location.

The abduction took place on Saturday. According to the police, the accused who abducted Wajid beat her up so he would agree to divorce Apshia Begum (24).

Wajid and Apshia, who lived in RTC Colony in Hyderabad’s Moula Ali, got married in 2012 and have two children, but Apshia wanted to be with another man, Asif, whom he met thorugh social media, the police said.

Asif, who is originally from Mushirabad area of Hyderabad, works as a caterer. He is already married twice, and also has children.

Apshia had gone to live with Asif last April, but after Wajid lodged a complaint at the Malkajgiri police station they found her and brought her back to her husband.

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