The Supreme Court of India closed sexual harassment case against former Chief Justice (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court has closed the investigation process started on the basis of self-cognizance in the alleged sexual harassment case against Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi.

The court has termed the case a conspiracy against the judiciary. Let us tell you that in the year 2019, a woman had allegedly made sexual harassment allegations against the former CJI.

The Supreme Court, while closing the case, said that such allegations against former Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi highlight the possibility of conspiracy. Such cases can be linked to earlier CJI decisions, which may also include his views on the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Explain that the responsibility of investigation against Ranjan Gogoi was given to former Justice AK Patnaik. The Supreme Court has given its verdict based on their report.

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