Tunnels to be constructed between Vice President,Prime Minister residence and new Parliament.

The Vice-President and the Prime Minister will no longer have to go through the streets amid security to go to their residence from Parliament as a tunnel is about to be constructed between the PM and the Vice-President's residence from the new Parliament House.

After the tunnel construction, the Vice President and the Prime Minister will be able to reach Parliament directly through the tunnel from their residence. This new Parliament building is going to be built under the Central Vista Project. The purpose of making this tunnel is that there should not be any kind of trouble when there is a VIP movement during the proceedings of Parliament. VVIP’s motorcades will be easily accessible inside and outside the complex of the new Parliament.

According to sources, the proposed tunnels will be in single lane and only a selected will be able to use it. The new PM House and PMO will be on the South Block side, according to the Central Vista Redevelopment. At the same time, the Vice President’s residence will be on the North Block. In addition, the Chamber of MPs will be next to the Parliament.

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