Whats App moves to Delhi High Court against Indian government rules.

The conflict between social media companies and the government has been increasing for the last few days.

The case of manipulated media had not yet calmed down that all networking sites except the KOO app were under threat of being banned, as they have not yet followed the new government regulations. In this sequence, a petition has been filed by WhatsApp in the Delhi High Court.
According to the news agency ANI, WhatsApp filed a petition in the Delhi High Court challenging the new IT rules brought by the government.

According to the company, the government wants WhatsApp to bring such a facility, under which a particular message can be tracked, but this will endanger the privacy of users. The special thing is that earlier the government was saying that the privacy of users will be endangered by the new policy of WhatsApp, then the company has now blamed the government on the contrary.

The Government of India has come up with a new rule. In which it was talked about the provision of helpline, special team for fake news etc. to solve the problem of users. The government alleges that these social networking companies make money by doing business in India, but the rules apply to all Americans, which will not be tolerated. May 26 was the last deadline for this. However, on the news of the services being discontinued, Facebook said that it respects the rules, as well as working fast to implement them. On the other hand, Twitter has also sought some time from the government.

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