Whether I am president or not, the welfare services of Jamiat-ul-Quraish telangana will continue.

Some members of the evil Quraish community are making false accusations against me. Statement by Chairman Telangana Waqf Board and President Jamiat-ul-Quraish Muhammad Saleem.

Hyderabad: Chairman Telangana Waqf Board and President Jamiat-ul-Quraish Muhammad Saleem addressed the media at the office of Jamiat-ul-Quraish Telangana and on this occasion he categorically denied the allegations being leveled against him.

Mohammad Saleem said that Abdul Qadir, the ex general secretary of Jamiat-ul-Quraish, was removed from the post of general secretary for violating the principles of Jamiat-ul-Quraish .

Mohammad Saleem further said that the establishment of Jamiat-ul-Quraish was carried out with the objective of carrying out welfare work for the people of Quraishi community such as providing assistance on the occasion of marriage.

The dispensary includes helping for treatment, giving monthly stipends to widows, etc. and this work is being done very well by Jamiat-ul-Quraish. They are spreading false propaganda in Social media.

Mohammad Saleem explained that the president of Jamiat-ul-Quraish is elected democratically and he said that he has been democratically elected president of Jamiat-ul-Quraish. Mohammed Saleem Challenged to compete for the President of Jamiat-ul-Quraish .

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