Doctors are the greatest servants of humanity. Emphasis on the protection of the sanctity of the profession Distribution of Scholarships to Poor and Deserving MBBS Students by Fed and Hyderabad Zakat and Charitable Trust. Address by Khalil Ahmed and Abdul Aleem Khan

HyderabadJanuary 10: β€œIn addition to pursuing higher education, students should have a constructive mindset as well as a passion for helping others,’’ These views were expressed by Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, Chairman FEED, He was addressing the scholarship distribution program organized by Foundation for Economic and Educational Development and the Hyderabad Zakat and Charitable Trust.

39 selected poor and deserving students from different districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh participated in the program, among them 22 were girls students.

A scholarship of Rs. 1.4 million was distributed. The Hyderabad Foundation, USA provided special assistance in the distribution of scholarships.
Abdul Aleem advised the students to keep in touch with the trust even after their studies.

Khaleel Ahmed Trustee FEED said that the students with positive thinking and abilities. Work hard for your bright future, do not exploit it after studying medicine but keep the spirit of service to the nation.
Khaleel Ahmed Trustee exhorted the students to understand the sanctity of the medical profession and restore its greatness. For the patient, doctors are a source of healing and an angel. In recent times, the sanctity of this profession has been violated by making it a business. When doctors come out from the weaker sections of the society, they have a greater sense of humanity. And that feeling must not only be kept alive, it must be generalized.

Mr. Khaleel Ahmed said that with the advancement of science and technology, health problems have increased. Treatment has become so expensive. The poor and the middle class are forced to seek treatment. Government pharmacies do not have adequate facilities. As a result, the poor and the middle class are forced to seek treatment in private hospitals. He said that there are many avenues of development in the country. Create a spirit of cooperation with each other and be a good person as well as a beacon for others.

He said that thousands of rupees are given to the patients for their commission for the treatment of minor ailments and this heinous act has spread all over the country. Mr. Khaleel Ahmed said that a person has to spend as much money as he can for it. From halal or halal, that is why one should strive for halal earnings.

Addressing the students, Mr. Muhammad Zia-ud-Din Nair Trustee Fed congratulated them on getting admission in the Medicine course and rewarded them with their golden advice and asked them to do their best to raise the standard of education. He said that education is the key to human equality and people should strive to help others. He prayed for the recovery of Mr. Ghias-ud-Din Babu Khan and paid homage to the services of the late Mr. Bashir-ud-Din Babu Khan and said that he was dedicated to popularizing education and eradicating poverty. Mr. Mansoor Babu Khan, Ms. Sarwat Aleem Khan, Mr. Javed Hood, Mr. Muhammad Aliuddin Haider, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Trustees besides volunteers Mr. Arif Mirza, Mr. Shad Azeem Khan son of Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, Mr. Moaz Muhammad Ziauddin were present on the occasion.

Prior Scholarship Distribution Trustees and Volunteers spoke to the students and encouraged them. Guided future planning. In addition to scholarships of Rs. 14 lakh from Fed and Hyderabad Zakat and Charitable Trust, a total of 39 MBBS and BDS students were given four pairs of dress material and college bag as gifts to each student. Mr. Ahmed Saeed Managing Trustee Hyderabad Zakat and Charitable Trust conducted the proceedings and thanked at the end of the program. Mr. Ghiasuddin Babu Khan through his message thanked all the donors, especially Hyderabad Foundation USA for their good deeds.

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