Hyderabad joins Rs.100 club for petrol prices

The price of petrol went up by 47 paise per litre and diesel by 37 paise a litre, according to a price notification issued by State-owned fuel retailers.

Hyderabad: The dreaded Rs.100 per litre mark for petrol was registered in Hyderabad on Monday, as the constantly increasing prices saw a litre of petrol costing Rs.100.10, while that of diesel was Rs.95.04.

The ignominious record, which has been on the cards ever since fuel prices began soaring from May 1, came on the second consecutive day of price hikes, with the prices being Rs.99.90 for petrol and Rs.94.82 for diesel on Sunday.

The prices, which have been on the ascent ever since the Central government divested control and handed it over in the name of a dynamic pricing system, have now seen petrol prices going up by Rs.6.27 on May 1, from Rs.93.83, and that of diesel, by Rs.7.15 from May 1, from Rs.87.89.

Hyderabad is the latest city to join the Rs.100 per litre club for petrol, with several other cities across the country crossing the costly mark earlier this month.

The prices were likely to keep rising, according to G. Vinay Kumar, former general secretary, Telangana Petroleum Dealers Association.

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