Hyderabad: Protest against disparity in restaurant, delivery app prices for biryani

The activist, Vijay Gopal, posted on social media about a month ago on the price disparity.

Hyderabad: With food delivery apps charging higher rates for dishes that are sold much cheaper at the restaurant, a city-based social activist has raised objection and asked consumer rights authorities to intervene.

The activist, Vijay Gopal, posted on social media about a month ago on the price disparity, alleging that a food delivery app was charging Rs.405 for Nizami Mutton Biryani from Paradise Restaurant, while the same was being sold by the restaurant at Rs.265 at its store counters.

“What kind of business is this & how fair is this? Same product of Paradise Restaurant, Hyderabad, Telangana sells Same at 265 at Store and then 405 on Online Apps. Piyush Goyal, Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India, what are we doing about this Unfair Trade Practice? Req Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) to intervene pls. Is this FAIR?” he said.

Though many supported his views, there were also people who pointed out that restaurants were charging whatever they wanted, with no fixed MRP for dishes like biryani, which was being sold at different prices at different restaurants. As for delivery apps, they were charging commissions, delivery charges and advertisement charges, just to mention a few. The burden of all these was coming onto the customer, who was being forced to pay more for ordering online without going directly to the restaurant.

Though it’s a month since the post, there has been no official reaction.

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