I am not Mehul Choksi’s girlfriend and he’s not my sugar daddy: Barbara Jabarica

Barbara Jabarica said, "I wasn't his (Mehul Choksi’s) girlfriend and he's not my sugar daddy or anything like that. I've my own income and business. I don't need his cash, support, hotel booking, fake jewellery, or anything like that."

New Delhi, June 9 Barbara Jabarica, the alleged girlfriend of the fugitive diamantaire has revealed that she had no idea of who he was when she met him.

In an exclusive interview with ANI, she said that she is an European and she does not follow Indian news and was not aware of Choksi’s background.

“I’m European, I live in Europe and I’m not following Indian news. I’m also not following list of fraudsters so I haven’t been aware of his real name and background until last week. And I believe most people in Antigua…I don’t think anyone knew his name or background,” Barbara Jabarica told ANI.

She also disclosed that Choksi had introduced himself as Raj to her. She said, “I know him (Mehul Choksi) since last August and met with him in Jolly Harbour when I rented Airbnb accommodation near where he also lives. He introduced himself as Raj. Between August to April, he was always texting me but I replied to him once a month.”

According to Barbara, Choksi made a lot of effort to convince her to join the diamond business with him. She also spoke to ANI about the much talked about ring, which he reportedly gifted to her.

She said, “I wouldn’t say he gifted me, we had a conversation between April and May, he wanted to convince me that I should get involved, we should do business, he will arrange for me and I sell jewellery, diamonds and designs online. He said he had some higher quality diamonds, if I have any private client in New York or the middle east then he can supply and we can have a good profit share.”

“I think, one of the main purposes from his side, the reason why he gave me this jewellery, he wanted to convince me to get involved with his jewellery business,” said Barbara.

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