Karimnagar: Man uses fake snake video to stop cricket in neighbourhood

This incident took place in Velichala village of Ramadugu mandal in Karimnagar district

Karimnagar: Elders usually warn children if they create any trouble or refuse to comply. But in this case, a person circulated a fake video of a shouting snake moving around a particular area just to discourage youngsters from playing cricket in an area adjacent to his residence.

The video of the shouting snake went viral on various social media platforms leading to a scare in the village prompting police to enter the scene. After two days of investigation into the viral video, police zeroed in on the person who posted it. The investigators were dumbstruck to know the reason behind the posting of the fake video. The guy who posted it just wanted the youngsters in the locality scared and not play cricket in the locality. Their playing the cricket matches, obviously was a disturbance to his household members.

This incident took place in Velichala village of in Karimnagar district

A write up uploaded along with the video mentioned that the snake was moving in Neelagiri trees area, Indiramma colony, and the video uploader was Lingampalli Srinivas.

During questioning, Srinivas blurted out his motive for uploading the sensational video, which gained prominence after a vernacular news channel ran a story. Srinivas’ house is located near Neelagiri trees plantation. Local children and youth were in the habit of playing cricket in the open place near the plantation. It has become a nuisance to Srinivas’ family. Despite Srinivas’ warning on a number of occasions, the children and youth continued to play cricket. And he wanted to scare them away

Enraged over the children’s attitude, Srinivas plan to scare them away was to upload the scary video in which the snake begins to shout. He downloaded a video of shouting snake from Share Chat app, which was uploaded by a foreigner Mick Martine on May 5.

Srinivas posted it on local WhatsApp groups claiming that the snake was moving near Neelagiri tree plantation. Later, the video went viral on various social media platforms.

Panicked after watching the video, local people contacted Srinivas, who confirmed that he personally recorded the video of the shouting snake.

Ramadugu SI Tandra Vivek summoned Srinivas to the police station and counseled. The police officer warned of serious action if anybody tried to create terror among the public by uploading fake videos or posts on social media.


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