Manipur Government withdraws order on Myanmar refugees after criticism.

After facing a lot of opposition due to one of its orders, the Government of Manipur has withdrawn its order that it should stop the food and water of refugees coming from Myanmar to India.

This order of the government was severely criticized, due to which the government has decided to withdraw this order.
The Manipur government recently issued an order and ordered the authorities to ban people who come from Myanmar.The order also includes not to give shelter and provide food to refugees. According to the order, only medicines will be given to the seriously injured refugees on humanitarian grounds. Apart from this, it was also said in the order that the influx of refugees coming from Myanmar should be banned. The Manipur government was severely criticized for this order, forcing it to withdraw the order. Many people said that this order is against the human tradition of the country. Now on March 29, a new letter has been issued by the government, in which it is written , “People have understood the order of the government in a different way. The government is helping people coming from Myanmar in every possible way and they are being sent to Imphal for treatment. “

In the last few months, there has been a political upheaval in Myanmar. The Myanmar army has overthrown and taken power in its own hands. The people of Myanmar are opposing this decision of the army. Thousands of people have been killed in this protest so far. The people of Myanmar are taking refuge in neighboring countries to avoid military barbarity. So far, more than 1 thousand refugees have arrived in Manipur.

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