Tea crazy Hyderabad gets Niloufer Cafe’s Rs.1,000 tea

the Golden Tips Black Tea is unique in taste and has a very relieving and lasting effect.

Hyderabad: ‘Hazaar rupai ki chai?!’ Yes. Hyderabadis, who survive on tea, are now going gaga over the latest, premium Maijan Golden Tips tea served at Niloufer Café.

The aroma and the unique taste of the exotic tea priced at Rs.1,000, is made of hand-plucked second flush exclusively from a village called Maijan in the tea capital of India, Assam.

Served at the café’s recently opened Banjara Hills outlet, the Golden Tips Black Tea is unique in taste and has a very relieving and lasting effect. “We bought the Golden Tips tea at an auction at Maijan at Rs.75,000 per kg. The yield was only a kilogram and a half, and we bought it all. That unique variety of premium tea is what comes at Rs.1,000,” says Rajashekhar Reddy Tummuru, Banjara Hills branch outlet manager.

Representing premium white tea at its finest, the Golden Tips tea carries a unique earthy fragrance and a sweet aftertaste. “It is wonderfully fragrant and has a very unique taste which is prized amongst tea lovers in the city. The flavours of the tea will stay with the person for long. It is surely an experience to remember,” Reddy says.

In addition to the aroma and taste, the unique beverage also has health benefits, he claims adding that it helps in boosting heart health, lessens stress, reduces cholesterol and also cures indigestion. Overall,

World Class Teas:

Apart from the Golden Tips Black Tea, the new Niloufer outlet in Banjara Hills offers a variety of world class teas — Silver Needle White Tea, South African Rooibos, Moroccan Mint and Japanese Sencha, at a price of Rs.300. In addition, flower infused teas, Jasmine and Chamomile are also major attractions in the café’s menu.

The outlet, which has been a famous tea ‘adda’ for many in the city, has now turned into an exotic location for the beverage and a whole new variety of snacking to go with it. The cafe now boasts of a wide range of confectioneries, Italian foods, sandwiches and salads to healthy tiffin options like ragi upma, quinoa and poha.

New Branches:

Niloufer Café, which opened a takeaway and dine-in café at Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, recently, will soon open a similar exotic café in Himayatnagar.

“The plan for the new café is quite different. It is going to be an exotic location for Hyderabad’s favourite varieties of beverages. However, there is no clear picture of the final product as of yet. The works for the new café should come to an end by December,” Reddy adds.

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