Army official wrote letter to Actor Sonu seeking help for the Covid equipments.

Ever since the Corona crisis has come in the country, actor Sonu Sood has been working to help people by becoming the 'Messiah'.

Sonu Sood helps people through social media. Amidst the second wave of corona, this time Sonu Sood is trying to solve the problems faced by people in treatment, whether it is covid bed or medicine, injection or oxygen. In such a situation, the commanding officer of an infantry battalion deployed in Jaisalmer has written a letter to Sonu Sood, which has gone viral on social media.
In a letter from the Commanding Officer, Bollywood star Sonu Sood has been requested to help in purchasing equipment for the Covid-19 facility. Now this letter has become viral on social media, after which a senior army officer has expressed his displeasure over it.
According to the information, in a letter written on 13th May from the CO of the battalion told film star Sonu Sood that the army is building a 200-bed Covid care center at Jaisalmer military station. He spoke to Sonu Sood about some of the equipment required for the hospital, including 4 ICU beds, 10 oxygen concentrators, 10 jumbo oxygen cylinders, 1 X-ray machine and 2 15 KVA generator sets.

Also requesting to provide equipment as part of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, the letter stated that his generous work would be remembered. On the other hand, a senior officer of Army Headquarters New Delhi confirmed that the letter was written to Sonu Sood, but he said that it seems to have been written in extreme enthusiasm. The Army has established several Covid Hospitals across the country with its resources to help the civilian state administration. A 50-bed hospital has been established and operated today in Sriganga nagar, Rajasthan.

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