Comedian Atul Khatri prints vaccine certificate on t-shirt for smooth travel: ‘What an idea sirjee’

Tired of showing the vaccination certificate at various places during his travel, comedian Atul Khatri decided to wear a t-shirt with all his vaccine details on it to have a smooth experience.

As COVID-19 restrictions in the country ease, people are beginning to travel again. However, it’s not a smooth experience. From a negative RTPCR test report mandatory for travel to showing vaccination certificate at various points in a journey, it can be quite cumbersome. So, a comedian came up with a ingenious hack, winning the internet with his creativity.

Comedian Atul Khatri was tired of constantly showing his vaccine certificate at airports and hotels. He decided to display it in a rather grand manner, by plastering it on his attire. And if you’re thinking that he stuck the piece of paper on his shirt, you’re highly mistaken. He actually got a customised t-shirt printed with his certificate, including the QR code, making it accessible for even cross-checking!

The Indian Express

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