Corona RT-PCR negative report with QR code mandatory to travel abroad.

A new rule has come into effect from Saturday for citizens traveling abroad.

In fact, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has decided that passengers going abroad will now have to show a Corona RT-PCR negative report with QR code at the airport, only then passengers will be allowed to board the plane. This decision has been taken due to fake reports of corona at the airport by which people are trying to throw dust in the eyes of the officials, so now both the lab and the report will be sent through the corona report with QR code by which Validity of the report can be detected.
The official statement issued by the ministry said, “Airline operators are advised to allow only those passengers who have a QR code Corona Negative Report from 22nd May 2021 to board a flight. The Corona report did not yet have a QR code feature, but now most laboratories have started giving QR codes on their RT-PCR reports.
The complete information about the test will be revealed through the QR code on the Corona RT-PCR report. This will prevent passengers arriving at the airport from fake reports. Shravan Mutha, Covid-19 manager at Krishna Diagnostics, Pune, said that he had conducted an experiment in his lab to avoid fake negative reports. He told that through our QR Code you will get complete information about the patient on our portal.
International commercial flights are completely closed till May 31 amid the second wave of Corona epidemic. Several countries have also banned flights, including the United States, Australia, Canada, UAE and Britain.

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