Delhi Police Arrests 4 Kargil Students In Israel Embassy Blast Case

The Delhi Police Special Cell on Thursday arrested four students in connection with their alleged involvement in the blast near Israeli embassy in Delhi earlier this year.

The Delhi Police has arrested four college students from Kargil in connection with a low-intensity blast that took place near the Israel embassy on January 29.

Sources have confirmed to News18 that the four persons were detained from Kargil and were questioned by the Delhi Police Special Cell. They belong to 21-25 age group.

“They come from middle-class families. Were college students. Delhi police did not share much details about exactly what the charge against them is. They were taken into custody yesterday. We didn’t have to use much force. They were taken on transit remand and sent to Delhi on Wednesday,” an officer in Kargil told News18.

A low-intensity explosion took place near the Israeli embassy in the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi on January 29, but no injuries were reported. The Delhi Police had said the blast took place near the pavement in the high-security zone and that the windscreens of three cars nearby were damaged.

On June 15, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is probing the case, had released a CCTV footage of two suspects. The NIA also announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh each for information about the two suspects.

The NIA is likely to seek the custody of the four persons.

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