Election Commission warns to ban public meeting and political rallies if the Covid 19 guidelines not followed.

The second wave of corona virus is seen to be uncontrollable in the country.

More than one lakh new cases have been reported 3 days consecutively . In such a situation, the Election Commission has also become strict about the growing cases of Corona. The Election Commission has called for stern action if the Corona Guidelines are not followed by the leaders and activists campaigning for the Assembly Election-2021. The Election Commission has said that it is mandatory for star campaigners, leaders and activists to wear masks during election rallies and public meetings and this should be followed seriously. The Election Commission has written a letter to the leaders of all the recognized political parties involved in the assembly elections-2021, how they are not following the Corona guidelines. In the letter, the Election Commission has also mentioned about star campaigners and leaders not wearing masks.
The Election Commission has written in its letter that in recent weeks, it has been observed that Corona virus cases have increased rapidly in the country. Amidst the growing cases of Corona, it has been observed that during the election campaign, the Covid-19 guidelines issued by the Election Commission have been disregarded. Social distancing and mask have not been worn.
In the letter, the commission wrote, Star campaigners, political leaders, candidates are not following the Covid-19 protocol on the stage during the electoral assembly, not wearing masks. The public is participating in an election meeting is not following Corona rules, which can pose serious danger of infection. Not only the public but also the leaders and candidates of political parties are in danger of getting infected in large numbers.
Election Commission has suggested in the letter that political leaders, candidates who are campaigning, perform their social duty to control Corona. Wear the mask yourself and speak to the people wearing masks at the rally itself. Take measures for social distancing and crowd control.

At the end of the letter, the Election Commission has clearly stated that it will not hesitate to ban public meetings and rallies of candidates, star campaigners and leaders if the Corona rules are violated. It has been clarified that the Commission will now take action against those who disobey the instructions.

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