Haj 2022: Centre releases selection process of pilgrims, online application date. Details

The entire Haj 2022 process in India will be 100% digital. India sends the second largest number of Haj pilgrims after Indonesia

Haj 2022: Selection process of Haj pilgrims will be done according to complete vaccination with both the doses and guidelines and criteria to be decided by Indian and Saudi Arabia governments, Union Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said on Friday.

While chairing Haj Review Meeting in New Delhi, Naqvi said that Digital Health Card, “E-MASIHA” health facility and “E-luggage pre-tagging”, providing all information regarding accommodation/transportation in Makkah-Madinah, will be provided to all the Haj pilgrims.

He further said that preparations for Haj 2022 have started keeping in mind the Covid protocol of Saudi Arabia and India. “The official announcement of Haj 2022 will be made in the first week of November and along with that the process of online application for Haj will also be started,” he said.

The entire Haj 2022 process in India will be 100% digital. India sends the second largest number of Haj pilgrims after Indonesia.

The minister said that arrangements for special training for Haj 2022 regarding corona protocols and health and hygiene are being made in India and Saudi Arabia for the Haj pilgrims. National-International protocol guidelines due to pandemic position will be implemented and followed strictly during Haj 2022.

Naqvi stated that the entire Haj 2022 process will be held according to the necessary guidelines to be issued by the Saudi Arabia Government and the Government of India in view of Corona pandemic to ensure health and well-being of the people in India and Saudi Arabia.

Haj 2022 process is being chalked out after deliberations among Ministry of Minority Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Haj Committee of India, Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia and India’s Consul General in Jeddah and other agencies keeping in view all aspects of the pandemic challenges.

The arrangements for Haj 2022 are being made under special circumstances with special norms, rules and regulations, eligibility criteria, age restrictions, health and fitness requirements and other relevant conditions of the Saudi Arabia.

He said that the entire travel process for Haj 2022 is being done with significant and important changes in view of the pandemic and its affect. These include accommodation, period of stay of pilgrims, transportation, health and other facilities both in India and Saudi Arabia.

Naqvi said that more than 3000 women had applied for Haj 2020 and 2021 under without “Mehram” (male companion) category. Their applications will be eligible for Haj 2022 also if they want to go to perform Haj 2022.

Other women can also apply for Haj 2022 under without “Mehram” category. All the women under without “Mehram” category will be exempted from the lottery system.


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