India has recorded highest single day deaths.

The outbreak of Corona virus epidemic in the country is not taking its name.

Every day, records of corona virus are being reported in the country. On Saturday (May 08), India has the highest number of deaths in a single day at 4,187. Never before in the country had so many people died due to Covid-19 in 24 hours. According to the data released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 4,01,078 new cases of corona virus have been found in the country in 24 hours and 4,187 people have died. At the same time 3,18,609 people have been recovered. So far 2,38,270 people have died in the country from Covid-19.

At present the active number of corona patients in the country is 37,23,446. The total number of discharged cases is 1,79,30,960. The total number of positive cases in the country is 2,18,92,676. In India, more than 4 lakh daily figures of corona virus have been coming out continuously for the last three days. At the same time, more than three and a half thousand people are dying due to Covid.

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