Mob forces woman to remove burqa in Bhopal

In a video, a man who was a part of the mob, is heard repeatedly telling the woman that she was ‘bringing disrepute to the community’.

A group of people in Bhopal forced a woman riding pillion on a scooter to remove her burqa on Saturday, PTI reported.

The group stopped the man who was riding the two-wheeler and the woman in the city’s Islam Nagar area. The police have not registered a case, but have given warnings to two men who were allegedly part of the group.

“It is suspected that the people believed the man was Hindu and the girl Muslim,” the agency quoted Intkhedi police station in charge RS Verma as saying.

A video posted by NDTV showed a group of people standing around the man and the woman and telling the woman to remove her burqa. A man who was part of the group was heard repeatedly telling her that she was “bringing disrepute to the community”.


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