Passerby shot dead in Delhi after argument turns fatal

An argument between two men turned fatal after a bullet fired by one of them led to the death of a passerby in Delhi's Jama Masjid area.

A passerby became the victim of a feud between two men after a stray bullet fired by one of the men led to his death. The incident happened in Delhi’s Jama Masjid area on June 21. The police on Thursday, June 23 arrested two men in connection with the case.


On June 21, a call was received at the Bhajanpura police station regarding a man injured in a gun-firing incident. Upon reaching the spot, the police were informed that the victim had already been taken to the GTB hospital. At the hospital, the doctor said the victim was declared ‘brought dead’.

Afterwards, the police registered a murder case and an investigation was initiated in the matter.

There was no CCTV installed at the site of the shooting so police gathered footage from all the CCTV cameras in the vicinity. However, examination of the footage did not lead to much advancement in the case.

On June 22, the police team received information and, accordingly a trap was laid to arrest the suspects. On June 23 at around 3 am, police stopped and examined two men on the basis of the information they received.

The two men were identified as Sahil and Saif Ali. The two men, who are cousins, initially tried to deceive the police but later confessed to their crime. They revealed that they fired the shot to harm a man named Aman but the bullet instead hit an innocent man who was standing nearby.

Sahil disclosed that he used to go to a nearby gym but since the previous week, he had frequently got into arguments with a man named Aman. He decided to teach the guy a lesson and made a plan with his cousin, Saif Ali.

Accordingly, on June 21, the two called Aman in a gali without any CCTV cameras, with Saif Ali hiding with a loaded pistol. After getting into an argument with Aman, Sahil called his cousin and asked him to shoot Aman. However, the bullet hit an innocent person. Seeing the injured man, the two panicked and fled from the spot.

The police have now put the two in custody and recovered the pistol used in the crime.

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