Priyanka Gandhi attacked Modi Government over privatization.

The political parties are giving full force to the Assam Assembly elections. Leaders of all political parties, including Congress-BJP, are holding rallies.

Today, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is addressing rallies one after the other in Assam. In these rallies, Priyanka attacked the BJP fiercely. Addressing the rally, Priyanka said that the BJP is acting like a mafia, a syndicate is going on in Assam.

Priyanka Gandhi accused the BJP of cheating the people of the state. The tea plantations cheated the laborers, the youth and the tribals and implemented the CAA. Priyanka described the BJP as wrong in the rally and said that the Modi government handed over the airport to its billionaire friends. Stole the peasants land and handed over to the hands of big friends of the BJP. Priyanka, while opposing the privatization of government companies, said that the government is privatizing government companies to please their billionaire friends.
On Monday, Priyanka is addressing 4 rallies. She held public meetings in Surpathar, Kaliabor and Bordova.

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