Raipur declares a containment zone,Lockdown to be imposed in the city from 9th April.

Corona cases are increasing steadily across the country. In view of this, a situation like lockdown is being created again.

Meanwhile, Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, has been declared a containment zone. The lockdown has been announced for 10 days in the entire district. Raipur Collector S Bharti Dasan, “the lockdown will start from 9th April. The lockdown enforced from 6 pm on 9 April will run till 19 April.” In his order, Dasan said that all shops would remain closed during this period. Petrol at petrol pumps will be given only to government vehicles, ambulances, e-pass vehicles and those moving from one state to another in Chhattisgarh non-stop.
The delivery time of milk and news paper would be fixed in the morning and evening. If the industry is to be kept alive, arrangements will have to be made under the Corona Guidelines for the workers. The boundaries of the district will remain completely sealed. Only essential services like vegetable, milk and medical will be exempted during lockdown. In addition, the front line worker will be exempted from lockdown.
On Tuesday, 9,921 cases of corona infection have been reported. There have also been 53 deaths.

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