Telangana High Court Gives 2 days time to Government deciding on lockdown.

The Telangana High Court bench headed by the chief justice Hima Kohli on Monday evening ordered the Telangana government to decide within two days imposing curfews or lockdowns to control rapidly rising Covid-19 cases across the state.

The court has directed the state government to announce with 48 hours restrictions on footfalls at bars, restaurants, pubs, cinema theatres, marriages, functions, and gatherings, political and religious rallies among others in public places.
The division bench of the High Court said it would order curfews and lockdowns if the Telangana government fails to come out with measures within 48 hours to contain gatherings and footfalls in public places.

The High Court also expressed anger at the state government not imposing restrictions on hotels, pubs, bars, theatres etc despite the increase in corona cases. The advocate general informed High Court that the state government will soon take a decision on imposing restrictions in Telangana. The High Court expressed severe anger at this questioning, “People are already losing their lives due to corona. How much time the government needs to take a decision on this. When you will take a decision?”

The court has directed the state government to immediately establish a task force for Covid-19 and appoint nodal officers from state-level to village level. The court also asked the government to announce the actual details on Covid-19 infected persons, deaths and availability of beds in hospitals through daily bulletins.

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