Actress filed case of sexual exploitation against AIADMK leader Dr Manikandan.

A Malaysian woman of Indian origin and a famous actress of the Tamil film industry has accused former Tamil Nadu minister and AIADMK leader Dr Manikandan of sexual exploitation.

The Tamil actress has stated in her complaint that former minister Manikandan has sexually abused her for the last 5 years. In her complaint, the actress has made serious allegations against Manikandan like cheating, blackmailing and sexually abusing her. 36 years old actress has made this complaint to Chennai police. The actress has stated that she was in a relationship with the Minister of Information and Technology in 2017.
According to the report of ‘The Hindu’, Manikandan has been accused by the actress of sexually abusing her first by promising marriage and leaving her after she became pregnant. The actress has alleged that when she pressured leader Manikandan to marry, he threatened her and her family members in Malaysia. The woman has also alleged that Manikandan also forced her to undergo an abortion.

According to local reports, the actress has also given pictures to the Chennai police to prove her relationship with Manikandan. The woman alleged that the former minister threatened that if she goes to the police and files a complaint against him, he will leak her private photos online. The woman has also alleged that Manikandan sexually abused her and “forced” her to abort their child when she became pregnant. According to the complaint, the minister is also accused of ‘threatening to kill him’ by hiring a contract killer.

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