Amit Shah promised 10 lakhs jobs in Assam.

Addressing an election rally in Silchar, Assam on Friday,Home Minister Amit Shah promised to provide 10 Lakh jobs to the youngsters.

Home Minister Amit Shah said that his government will get 8 lakh youths to get private jobs and 2 lakh people will be hired on government jobs.
While addressing the public Amit Shah also said, “we have decided to increase the daily salary of tea plantation workers to Rs 350 / day.”
Amit Shah was in Assam to campaign for the three-phase election to be held in Assam.

In the untimely, he rallied there for four days throughout the day and addressed the public from the electoral stage. Which included Kamalpur at 11:40 in the morning, Jagirod at 1:10 and the third rally at Pathrakandi at 3:50 and the final rally at Silchar at 5:30. In these rallies, Amit Shah attacked the opposition and held the Congress responsible for the backward condition of Assam. With this, Amit Shah said, “the development in Assam has gained momentum in our government and in the coming time, our government will work in the interest of people working in tea plantation along with providing employment to the youth of Assam.”

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