Co-Win App crashed after registration of 18+ begins

Vaccination work is also progressing rapidly in the country facing the Corona crisis.

The third phase of vaccination is going to start from May 1, in which people above the age of 18 have to be vaccinated but without registration, there will be no vaccination. Registration has started on ‘CoWIN App’ from today, but as soon as the registration process started, the app’s server went down. As soon as the server was seated, the users started complaining about the server on Twitter, there was a flood of complaints on social media. It is known that the Cowin portal is also crashing intermittently.
It is known that the registration process started at 4 pm and after a few minutes of starting the server sat down, earlier users had complained about not getting OTP. Some users are also getting the message that only 45 years and above can register.

The government had said that the registration will start at 12 o’clock today, but the process of registration started at 4 o’clock in the evening and after some time the news of the server’s downing came. Not only this, Arogya Setu also stopped working. However, after making a noise on social media, Arogya Setu tweeted that now the server is repaired, there were some minor glitches, which have been removed.

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