Covid-19 negative report Mandatory for Candidates and Election agents to enter at counting centers : EC

The results of the assembly elections of four states and one union territory will be announced on May 2, 2021, in the wake of the corona virus epidemic in India.

Tomorrow is the last eighth phase of voting in West Bengal on Thursday, after which the Election Commission will start preparing for counting of votes. To reduce the risk of corona infection on the result day, the Election Commission of India today released a guideline for electoral party candidates and agents.

It is important to note that the Election Commission is already in the circle of questions about voting in states even in the Corona crisis. The Madras High Court had also reprimanded the EC for the corona proliferation. In such a situation, the Election Commission of India has taken tough decisions keeping in mind the crowd that is gathering outside the counting centers on the day of the election, i.e on 2nd May. On Wednesday, the EC issued a guideline saying that candidates and their agents must have a negative report of the RT-PCR corona test or a full immunization report for admission to the counting centers. Only after showing the report will he be allowed to come to the counting center.

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