Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi wrote letter to PM Modi Urging to provide free education to the children who lost their parents to Corona.

In the grip of the second wave of Corona, a large number of people have lost their family members.

Families which were seen dependent on the earnings of the family head after their loss to Corona goes helpless. Children lost parents to Corona have now become orphans. In view of such circumstances during the epidemic, the interim president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi, has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Congress President Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter to PM Modi requesting him to consider giving free education in Navodaya Vidyalaya to children who have lost their parents or an earning member of the family. Sonia Gandhi has written a letter to PM Modi urging him to give free education to such children.
Sonia Gandhi, through her letter, told that there are 661 Navodaya Vidyalayas all over the country, in which such victimized children can be educated well and their future can be improved. Compensation has been announced after the deaths of Corona in many states of the country. Also, many steps are being taken regarding the future of children who have lost their parents in this epidemic.

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