“If a Chaiwala doesn’t understand your pain,then who will understand?” : PM Modi

In view of the assembly elections in Assam, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Chabua in Dibrugarh district.

PM Modi said, “I assure you that the NDA government will accelerate efforts to improve the lives of tea garden workers. If a chaiwala does not understand your pain, then who will understand?”
From the stage, PM Modi also took a dig at the Congress party. He described the Congress as a major threat to the culture of Assam.
PM Modi said, “I was saddened to see that such a party of this country which is the oldest party, which ruled this country for 50-55 years. Such a Congress party is openly supporting those who are erasing India’s tea identity.” Referring to the toolkit case that came up during the Kisan agitation, the PM said, “You must have heard the discussion of a toolkit, in this toolkit a plan was made to discredit the tea of ​​Assam and the yoga given by our sage monks to the world. The Congress party supports those who created such a conspiracy and dare to ask for votes in Assam.”

Prime Minister Modi also called the Congress party a major threat to the state. PM said, “Congress has come into the fray today with an alliance with the party which is a great threat to Assam’s identity, Assam’s culture, a big crisis. These are the same people who never paid attention to our siblings working in the tea gardens. The people of Assam need to be careful with these people. If a chaiwala does not understand your pain, then who will understand? “

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