India recorded 2,17,353 new cases of Covid positive in last 24 hours .

The outbreak of the second wave of corona virus in the country is increasing continuously.

On Friday, the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry released new figures, stating that within the last 24 hours, 2,17,353 new patients of Corona virus have been found in the country and 1185 people have lost their lives due to infection during this period. The Health Ministry also informed that 1,18,302 patients of Corona virus have been cured in the last one day. After receiving new cases, the total number of corona virus infections in the country has increased to 1,42,91,917 and the number of recovered patients to 1,25,47,866.

The Health Ministry said that due to the record increase in daily cases, active cases of corona virus have also increased and the number of patients has reached 15,69,743. At the same time, Corona virus has killed 1,74,308 people in different states of the country so far. Amidst the increase in the corona virus cases, there is also a news that the recovery rate of patients in the country has started to decrease. Significantly, the third round of vaccination campaign is going on in the country against Corona virus, in which 11,72,23,509 people have been vaccinated so far.

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