Man travels lonely in a 360 seater flight for Rupees 18,000.

You may also sometimes think that instead of an economic class in a flight, you should travel in the business class.

Those who travel through business class think what to say if they get a chance in a chartered plane. All these desires can be fulfilled to an extent, but just imagine if you get a chance to travel alone in a big Boeing aircraft (Boeing 777) with 360 seats in an economic class ticket? Of course you will not think of yourself as less than a king. This has happened to a person from Mumbai. Before going further, let us tell you that the Boeing 777, weighing 180 tons, is the largest two-engine jet in the world. If he goes from Mumbai to Dubai, then 17 tons of fuel will be charged, which will cost about 8 to 9 lakh rupees.

40-year-old Bhavesh Zaveri is the CEO of StarJames Group. He is Settle in Dubai and has his own office there. Often they have to come to Mumbai in connection with work. But he will always remember the journey from Mumbai to Dubai on 19 May. Although Zaveri runs in the business class, but on May 19, he called and booked an economic class ticket for Dubai from Airlines Emirates. Zaveri will assume that if Corona is time then people will be less, so the economic class will also be better. It was priced at Rs 18,000. His flight was at 4.30 in the morning. When he arrived in the flight, he was surprised because there were no crew members and no passengers other than him.

In a special conversation with the Times of India, Bhavesh Zaveri said that “As soon as I stepped inside the plane, the airhostess present there welcomed me with applause.” Bhavesh told that the flight’s commander also welcomed me by shaking his hand. Zaveri said that personal touch was given to the public address on the plane. Like ‘Mr. Zaveri, get your seat belt tied’, ‘Mr. Zaveri we are now preparing to land’.

Zaveri said that after reaching Dubai when he came out of the plane, he picked up the luggage from the conveyor belt, which was the only luggage. On finding out how this happened, an Indian officer told that it is possible that the aircraft from Dubai has come to Mumbai with a good number of passengers and will have to return to Dubai in any case. In such a situation, the airlines would have given a ticket to Bhavesh on the same flight. The fare of a chartered flight on the Mumbai to Dubai route is 70 lakh rupees.

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