New agricultural laws are like death warrants to farmers : Arvind Kejriwal

The meeting between Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and farmer leaders was completed in the Delhi Assembly on Sunday where the three agricultural laws were discussed in detail.

Along with CM Kejriwal, farmers of western Uttar Pradesh also participated in the meeting.
Speaking to the media Kejriwal said, “today many farmer leaders from western Uttar Pradesh had come to discuss the agricultural laws in the Delhi assembly premises. The central government has been saying that farmers will be benefited from these laws, but so far the government failed to show a single benefit of the law.”

Targeting the central government, Kejriwal said , “there was a detailed discussion with the farmers of Western UP regarding the three black laws. These laws are like death warrants for farmers. If these laws are enforced, farming will be in the hands of some corporates.”

At the same time, after the meeting, the farmers leaders of western Uttar Pradesh said , “there will be a grand ‘Kisan Panchayat’ in Meerut on February 28, where these laws will be discussed and the Central Government will be appealed to withdraw these laws. “

Rohit Jakhar of Rashtriya Jat Federation said, “we demand that a law should be enacted for the MSP, the recommendations of the Swaminathan report should be implemented and three laws should be withdrawn.Untill these laws are not completely withdrawn, farmers on the borders of Delhi will will continue their protest and won’t return to their Villages.”

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