Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan launched his party Manifesto.

The Tamil Nadu assembly election was going to be very special, as the two South superstars Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan had planned to field their own parties.

Rajinikanth’s health has deteriorated even before the party’s announcement and he pulled his hands back from the election, but Kamal Haasan is still in the fray. On Friday, Kamal Haasan issued an election manifesto with his party leaders.
According to Makkal Nidhi Mayyam (MNM) Chief Kamal Haasan, if his party wins the election and forms the government, it will create new 50 lakhs jobs in Tamil Nadu. This will directly benefit the youth. Apart from this, he also promised to encourage young entrepreneurs. Kamal Haasan also promised to improve the condition of government schools and make them of international standard.

At the same time, the economy of Tamil Nadu is currently close to $ 300 billion. MNM has promised to make it one trillion dollars. Apart from this, he also talked about increasing the state capital income from 2.76 lakh to 7-10 lakh per year. To woo the young voters, Kamal Haasan said that he will provide bus facility to the students of government school for free. In addition, interest on educational loan will be waived for three years. On the other hand, if a student studies with a loan and is unable to get a job, then that too will be given relief.

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